Why I started AtlasNLP

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

I wanted to chat about why I started AtlasNLP and my experience in the RegTech space.

Working in financial services for a large multi-national organisation, it became very clear to me that most enterprise-specific knowledge is consolidated within a finite set of people, many times when people don’t know who they are. Funnily enough, given the nature of the financial services industry, once this knowledge is acquired, it usually walks out the front door & into another bank who is paying for this expertise at the time. There is an enormous expense spent by organisations in indirect costs of not only training staff but also through organising countless meetings & redundant emails who’s sole purpose is to use somebody else’s time to extract some facts from them.

For a business to be successful in the modern era of big data, enterprise knowledge needs to be distributed efficiently & provided on-demand to all users of the organisation.

For governance, risk & compliance officers, this involves having a rigorous understanding of all your relevant obligations (including technical definitions) across multiple jurisdictions and the relevant regulatory guidance to ensure that your control environment is effective & up to date with industry expectations.

But most data in the work place these days, particularly in the governance, risk & compliance space, is not made for machines to consume.

At least 80% of your organizations data is unstructured content created for other humans to consume (word documents, emails, powerpoints etc).

At AtlasNLP, we aim to equip anyone in your organisation with the knowledge-based tools to turn them into an expert in their field. We digitize your unstructured data such as (pdf, doc, powerpoint) files to allow you to leverage the AI capabilities AtlasNLP has to offer in information retrieval, obligation extraction & cognitive reasoning within the interactive digital platform. This allows you to turn anyone (front office, back office, compliance, audit & assurance) staff into regulatory compliance experts, reduce the regulatory burdens & get access to specialised knowledge, when you need it.

We are currently engaging with regulators globally to see if can partner with them to streamline the delivery of regulatory content to firms. We propose a regulatory engagement framework where regulators will publish incrementally which will automatically feed the obligations & guidance into our platform for compliance team’s review (more on this later in another blog post). This will allow firms to streamline the regulatory response process & more effectively manage compliance obligations.

How it works



And as you can see, the language model can work surprisingly well šŸ™‚


Free Trial at:


The future is exciting & I look forward to seeing how I can apply modern natural language understanding techniques to other sectors such as health, sports & education.

Feel free to reach out if you are interested in being involved in the beta for the free trial.



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